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FDP Modular digital Over & Under Voltage Protector is self –healing phase failure and phase sequence for 3 phase protective relay and it’s a brand new germen technology equipment invented by Murickens group to protect household electrical devices .When we apply Flyline digital protector- It can quickly disconnect the power supply to protect the appliances when there is power interruption or the voltage exceeds of falls below the predetermined value.When the power supply recovers, Flyline protector automatically connects the power after 1-2 minutes delay.All the protective actions are automatically controlled and indications on its panel display show the working condition of the FDP.This FDP is maintaining Indian national quality standards, most excellent in performance and releability. It is very compact and convenient to use

►Rated Power Supply : AC220V 50Hz Operating Voltage: 100-400 V (avoid burning out of electrical appliances under 380 voltage)►Passing Max. Current : 32A,63A. ►Max. Loading Power in Single Phase :7KVA,14KVA ►Over-voltage Action Cut-off Value : AC260±5V, action 0.01second action delay. Recovered Value : AC260±5V. (230-270V adjustable ►Under-voltage Cut-off Value : AC180±5V,0.1 seconds’ action delay. Recovered Value : AC195±5V.(120-210V adjustable).►Time Delay: Start time for First Connection: 15 Second. Delay time is free to set from 5 to 600 seconds after the first time.►Rapid action: The power disconnects the appliances with in 1 sec.►Self Power Consumption : ≤ 3W.►Dimensions (MM): 84x52x75(LxWxH)

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