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Murickens Group an ISO 9001:2015 certified company introduces two registered brand name MG and Flyline with low maintenance, competitive price and with the aim of power saving. In 1990 Murickens Group commenced the production in the field of Electronics; Murickens group is the one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of MG BLDC portable solar water pumps.The entire pumping system work with the help of solar energy.There is no need of other fuels and electricity.

Murickens Group in electronic field since 1990 and has been installing the Flyline Off grid Solar system since 2000 and had been establish by On Grid solar Power Plant since 2010 and is a leading provider of international standard quality and ISO certified products. MG has a variety of renewable pawed products which marked by the Trade brand name of MG and FLYLINE. A number one attraction of murickens group is reliable on site product warranty.

MG solar water pumps are very helpful for smallholder farmers to grew their crops efficiently and easily.It also help to save money and reduce electricity.This facility is always benefitble to the people at remote locations to cultivate their crops in an effective way without using electricity and other fuels.

MG solar water pump uses photovoltaic technology which convert solar energy collected from solar panel to DC voltage.The BLDC pumping system run with the help of this energy.


(1) Solar Photovoltaic System.
(2) MG BLDC Water Pumps.
Solar Photovoltaic System (Solar Panels)-Different capacity solar panels are used in MG BLDC solar water pump systems to produce electricity by using the photovoltaic effect. These solar panels absorb the sun’s photons and convert them into energy. This is the main component of a solar water pump system. A group of solar panels is called an array.
MG BLDC Water Pump-MG Solar water pump is another important part of the solar water pump system.Without solar water pump this system wouldn't work.It is used for pump out water from different water sources such as normel well, bore wll, streams , ponds, river.





Applications of MG BLDC Solar Water Pump:-

(1) Agriculture Sprinkle Irrigation Drip Irrigation Mass Irrigation.
(2) Livestock Watering.
(3) Swimming Pools & Resorts.
(4) Drinking Water Supply.

Features and Benefits:-

(1) Easy & Low Maintenance.
(2) Dry run Protection and Reverse Polarity.
(3) Long life and low maintenance.
(4) High life expectancy.
(5) Versatile Applications.

Advantages of a solar water pumping system:-

No fuel cost - as it uses available free sun light
No electricity required
Long operating life
Highly reliable and durable
Easy to operate and maintain


SL.No. SDC Water Pump
DC Volt Working Volt Motor Power

Pumping Height/Head

Solar Panel Ampier Pipe size

Water Delivery Liter/Hrs

1 MG-SM24 24 V 24 - 60 V 200 W 12 M-17 M 250-300 W 7-8 A 1 " 4000-5000
2 MG-SM48 48 V 48 - 80 V 400 W 17 M- 22 M 500-600 W 7-8 A 1 " 6000-8000
3 MG-SM60 60 V 60 - 100 V 600 W 25 M- 35 M 750-900 W 7-8 A 2 " 16000-18000
4 MG-SM72 72 V 50 -160 V 1100 W 10 M-15 M 1500-1750 W 15 A 3 " 40000-50000

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